Welcome to Central Tree

About CTMS:
Central Tree Middle School opened its doors to students in the fall of 1998 and looks forward to providing a superior education to all the students who pass through its halls.

Central Tree Middle School's Mission is to develop a program to effectively implement the curriculum of the Wachusett Regional School District while providing an effective middle school program that meets the needs of diverse learners, provides appropriate student services, and ensures a safe learning environment. Use the links to the left and right to access important information about our school.

When sending any notes to the office:  please print your student's first and last name. Students and parents frequently have different last names and parent signatures are sometimes difficult to read. We want to avoid any confusion and be sure we know which student you are referring to.

Make up Homework:  Homework requests are not done until a student has been absent for three days. Please request the homework when you call you child in sick on the morning of the third day. Many teachers post assignments on their websites, so it is a good idea to check there first whenever your child is absent.

A Message From the Nurse:

 Just a reminder that Postural Screening for Grade 8 will be Thursday, April 11  

Postural screening is an annual state-mandated screening and is required for all students Grade 5 – 9.  The purpose of Postural Screening is to evaluate students for early spinal problems.  It is not a diagnostic service but a program to identify students who should have further medical evaluation.  The majority of children do not have spinal problems.  Referrals will be sent to parent/guardian for those who do not pass screening.  If your child has all ready been screened or is currently under treatment please send in a note from your Physician. 

 Postural screening is a simple brief observation of the child’s back while standing and bending forward.  To allow for optimal viewing of the spine, female students are reminded to please wear a bathing suit or halter top under their clothing.  Girls and boys will be screened separately and all students will be provided privacy during screening.

 If you have any questions regarding Postural Screening, please contact

Amy Klausmeyer, School Nurse, at 508-886-0073