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CTMS School Reopening Plan

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information


CTMS Remote Learning Schedule

  Week of 11/23/2020

Monday 11/23/2020


B-7 and 8

A- 6th grade

Tuesday 11/24/2020


C-7 and 8

B- 6th grade

No School on 11/25,26,and 27

Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving and stay healthy and safe...





Period  4

Period  1


Period  5

Period   2


Period  6

Period   3





Structured Learning Time

Structured Learning Time

1:00 - 1:40

Period  1

Period  4

1:40- 2:20

Period  2

Period  5

2:20 - 3:00

Period  3

Period  6

WHITE Days always start with Period 4      


GREEN Days always start with Period 1


Return to School Reminders from the Health Office

* All medication orders must be renewed each school year. New medication orders
and medication/s should be brought in by appointment to the school nurse by an
adult. (2 exceptions are: Epipens or rescue inhalers that a student carries in their
The school nurse must be notified of any self-carry medications. Medication order
forms can be downloaded off the school website using the Health tab on the website.
All students must be fully immunized by the first day of school. The only exceptions
are :written documentation from a doctor for medical exemptions or a written doc.
by parent/guardian stating due to religious beliefs your child has not been vaccinated.
Exemption forms must be renewed at the beginning of every year. Those not fully
vaccinated may be excluded from school if immunization preventable disease occurs
at school.
Please remember that the influenza vaccine has been mandated for this
year by the MDPH. You must send in one of the two exemptions if your child will not
be receiving the influenza vaccine by December 31, 2020.

*All new students are required to have an updated physical and immunization record
on file. Annual Physicals are required in order to participate in all Sports.
* Students entering 7th Grade need to have an updated physical and immunization
record on file in the health office. Please send a copy of their physical as soon as
the have had their appointment. Thank you.
* Please contact the health office, Amy Klausmeyer, for any questions or concerns
about health related issues.
Thank you.
Amy Klausmeyer, BSN RN NCSN


 About CTMS:
Central Tree Middle School opened its doors to students in the fall of 1998 and looks forward to providing a superior education to all the students who pass through its halls.
Central Tree Middle School's Mission is to develop a program to effectively implement the curriculum of the Wachusett Regional School District while providing an effective middle school program that meets the needs of diverse learners, provides appropriate student services, and ensures a safe learning environment. Use the links to the left and right to access important information about our school.

When sending any notes to the office:  please print your student's first and last name. Students and parents frequently have different last names and parent signatures are sometimes difficult to read. We want to avoid any confusion and be sure we know which student you are referring to.

Make up Homework:  Homework requests are not done until a student has been absent for three days. Please request the homework when you call you child in sick on the morning of the third day. Many teachers post assignments on their websites, so it is a good idea to check there first whenever your child is absent.