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PRESENT- I will be at school and to every class on-time and ready to learn, physically, mentally and emotionally.

PREPARED- I will have everything I need with me and will be ready to begin each class when the teacher is.

POLITE- I will treat every one of my classmates and every adult in this building with care and respect.

PROUD- I will carry myself in a way that shows I respect myself, my school and my community at all times.

PROFESSIONAL- I will approach my schooling as my job, understanding that my effort and success with this job will have a lasting impact on all others I ever hold. 

When sending any notes to the office:  please print your student's first and last name. Students and parents frequently have different last names and parent signatures are sometimes difficult to read. We want to avoid any confusion and be sure we know which student you are referring to.

Make up Homework:  Homework requests are not done until a student has been absent for three days. Please request the homework when you call you child in sick on the morning of the third day. Many teachers post assignments on their websites, so it is a good idea to check there first whenever your child is absent.

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