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Mrs. O'Connor's class website Grade 6 

 D[email protected]

Mr. Cranson  - [email protected]  Grade 6 & 7  
Mrs. Wood - [email protected]  Grade 7

Assistant Principal

 Mrs. Miller- [email protected]   Grade 8

Nancy Bates


[email protected]

English Language Arts


Mrs. Hickey's Class Web Page Grade 6 & 7    Office Staff
Mrs. Zagami[email protected]  Grade 6 

Lysa Dell'Aquila

Mrs. Derosier - [email protected] Grade 7

[email protected]

Mr. Bronson - [email protected]  Grade 8  





Mr. Stark - [email protected]   Grade 6 & 7  
Mrs. Schmohl - [email protected]   Grade 7


Mrs. Daigle - [email protected]  Grade 8

Amy Klausmeyer, R.N.

Mrs. Hughes [email protected]  Grade 6 

[email protected]


Social Studies

Mrs. Ward - [email protected]   Grade 6  & 7   
Mr. Derosier - [email protected]   Grade 7 


Mr. Hickey - [email protected]  Grade 6 


Mrs. Yanco - [email protected]  Grade 8  

Foreign Languages


Mrs. Genesis Martinez - [email protected]  Spanish

Joel Bernier

Mr. Ruppert - [email protected]   German

Donald Ferrie


Brian Mercier

 Related Arts  

Miss Flanagan - Tech Ed - [email protected]

Mr. Hunnewell - Gym - [email protected]


Mrs. Backstrom - Art[email protected]

Carol Gemme

Mr. Lattimore - Music - [email protected]  
Special Education  


Lauren Reardon  -  [email protected]  
 Emma Nerssessian- [email protected]  
Christie Omasta - [email protected]  
Kellsie Aldi  -  [email protected]  
 School Psychologist  
School Guidance  
Emily Forsberg  -  [email protected]  
Speech and Language Pathologist  
Kathryn Andrus - [email protected]